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Welcome to Rick's Place...a virtual living room for persons with an affectionate interest in the past, present and future of 20th century radio and television programs.  Join our community of authors, researchers, collectors, restorers, performers, experts and fans as we share historical information, insights and current developments about vintage entertainment forms that deserve to be treasured and preserved.  We are all still learning, and share a desire to continue our education in a manner that encourages fellowship. 


Subscribing is FREE! It costs you nothing to join. You are welcome to join our discussions by simply agreeing to a few rules of conduct.

• Express your thoughts in civil profanity, no malicious personal attacks and no lapses in respectful behavior. 

• We seek the truth, yet understand that much is not yet proven and informed opinions are appropriate.  However, don't equate opinions with facts.

• Focus on the message rather than the messenger.  We take great pride and comfort in knowing that some of the most respected authorities on the planet are regular contributors.  One of the reasons they're respected is they keep an open mind to new information, and a first-time poster might unlock the secrets of the universe.

• When in doubt, err on the side of humility.

• Make our newcomers feel welcome.  They shall inherit the earth.

• If you feel it necessary to criticize another member by name, include your name in your post.

• You and you alone are responsible for the accuracy and legal consequences of your posts.  The sponsors and moderators of Rick's Place neither endorse nor take any responsibility for your posts; submit your postings at your own risk.

• You are not required to participate in the discussions, but we encourage you to participate.

• As moderator, I reserve the right to reject any posting if I believe it is contrary to the mission of this forum. 

• Any use of subscriber postings to solicit on or off the newsgroup will be suspended.

• Do not send unsolicited spam or sales pitches for products or services to this forum or individual members. Promoting an eBay auction presently active will not be accepted. Promoting an eBay auction that has been closed is acceptable.

• Anyone who violates any element of this Acceptable Use Policy (or what I refer to as "Rules of the Road") shall receive a written warning, and may be subject to a temporary suspension of service to refrain you from any further violations; provided, however, that if I deem it necessary, I may immediately suspend or terminate anyone's service without issuing such a warning. If your subscription is terminated, you will not be allowed to re-subscribe.

• Rick's Place takes no responsibility for any material input by others and is not responsible for the content of any other websites people recommend in their postings. Links are provided as Internet navigation tools only. Use any links at your own risk.  When in doubt, don't click on it.

• Rick's Place reserves the right to modify this Acceptable Use Policy at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. These terms are subject to revision at any time and, if this happens, all subscribers will be notified via e-mail.

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